How do manufacturers in the sex doll industry handle custom orders?(2)

Following on from the previous article about the production process documented by our YR Sex doll factory, we will continue our discussion of the previous article:

  1. Molding and casting
    With the approval of the 3D model, the production team creates the mold based on the digital design. The silicone or TPE is then poured into these molds, a process that requires precision to avoid defects. This stage may involve several layers, especially for more complex custom dolls, ensuring that each layer is cured correctly to achieve the desired texture and finish.
  2. Assembly and details
    Once the mold parts are ready, a skilled craftsman assembles the doll. This includes attaching limbs, fine-tuning joints, and ensuring that the internal bones allow for natural, human-like movement. At this stage, details such as nails, makeup, and hair implants (if needed) are meticulously applied. Each doll goes through a strict quality control process to ensure that all features meet the customer’s specifications.
  3. Final inspection and delivery
    Before shipping, each custom sex doll undergoes a thorough final inspection. This includes checking the function of the joint, the integrity of the material and the accuracy of the personalized features. Only after this inspection, the doll is prepared for careful packaging and transportation to ensure the privacy of the customer.
    The process of creating a personalized sex doll is a complex blend of technology and art. From the initial consultation to the final product, every step is taken to ensure that each doll is a unique reflection of the customer’s wishes. By focusing on personalized customization and careful selection of materials during the source production process, manufacturers are able to create high quality, realistic dolls that provide a deeply personalized experience. Dedication to detail and customer satisfaction are the premier sex doll manufacturers that stand out in this intimate and innovative industry.

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